Can ANYONE Really Do Ashtanga Yoga?

Yoga Scholar Gregor Maehle says that Ashtanga Yoga really is for everyone, including those with inflexible bodies. Gregor (seen here giving a workshop in Tokyo recently) explains how physical limitations can often lead to a deeper understanding of the practice and ultimately your spiritual self. Book now for Gregor’s workshop at our Centre in September which he is running alongside fellow Ashtanga Scholar Dr Monica Gauci.

Yoga Scholar Gregor Maehle outines why Ashtanga Yoga is for everyone and not just the physically gifted.

Gregor Maehle and partner Dr Monica Gauci will hold part-time Level 1 (200 hour) teacher training at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne over 13 months beginning in September 2017.  


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Why It’s Important To Follow The Mysore Sequence

Ashtanga Master Dani Ceccarelli outlines the importance of following the Mysore sequence which — amongst many other benefits — prepares you for gatekeeper (or gateway) poses like Urdhva Dhanurasana which Dani is pictured dropping into here.

One of the defining features of Ashtanga Yoga is its organisation into series of postures, where practitioners follow set sequences and learn each posture once they have mastered the previous one.

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