Summer Holiday Timetable

child's drawing of summer flowers
We are open every day of the year including Christmas Day with classes that start a little later and run longer for usual so you can take advantage of the extra time and headspace that you (hopefully) have from being on holiday.

We Are Open Every Day

As always we will be open throughout the Xmas/New Year period with a morning session each day.

Classes Start Later & Run Longer – It’s The Holidays!

Classes will start later and run for longer than usual so just like a Retreat you can take advantage of being on holiday by having more time and headspace in your practice.

Intro Classes Still Running

Though our structured 4-week Intro courses are officially over until January 3 2017, there are 3 Intro-level classes running until Christmas on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Weekends and mid-morning classes remain unchanged.

NB. Complete beginners to yoga are welcome to start our new Intro courses from Tuesday January 3.

Book here for new Intro courses starting Jan 3 

(get a FREE ticket for a friend if you book before 24 December).

See The Summer Holiday Timetable

More at Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne

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