Celebrating Our Students

Celebrating the students of the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne

Over the 20-plus years since we opened our doors, we have been privileged to teach countless students, some of whom continue to be regulars at our Centre while others live elsewhere around the world.

Our big family of practitioners remains connected through their own practices, the history of our Shala and our team of long-standing & experienced teachers, who help (often absolute) beginners learn better how to unwind their minds and bodies over time with yoga.

This beautiful film of our Shala was made by Darius Devas of Being Films, who is also a dedicated regular here.

More information at Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Melbourne

2 thoughts on “Celebrating Our Students

  1. Thank you to all involved in this video, I thoroughly enjoyed it and the flood of warm memories it brought back to me. It was honest and accurate and alluring. I haven’t been to the studio in around 10 years and I have been thinking about coming back to resume my practice quite a lot recently.
    This video has left me in no doubt and I look forward to seeing some of you before this week is through.
    With metta and deep appreciation,
    Cam Thomas

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